Skills To Be An Effective Certified Nursing Assistant

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There are numerous skills that are required for one to be a successful certified nursing assistant.  Some of the skills that you will need to have developed by the time you finish your CNA Training, will be the structure that makes or breaks you in the profession.  Being a certified nursing assistant can be a very demanding job, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Keep in mind, the adaptation to the job doesn’t happen overnight, and most do learn the skills necessary. Regardless, below are common skills you will acquire for properly performing your job as a certified nursing assistant.

  • Emotional skills are very important to the certified nursing assistant.  The nature of their job is to be around sick patients, providing care in support of nurses and doctors.  While some patients heal, giving you a great sense of accomplishment, some patients are a young caring CNAterminal.  It is important for you as a certified nursing assistant to be sympathetic, caring, and understanding.  You should be able to keep yourself emotionally detached to a certain extent though.  One can easily be swept up by their emotions, causing poor performance and rationality in their ability to administer care and effective treatments.  You will be assisting patients of all ages, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientation so you need to also be non-judgmental.  All of this can be especially taxing on a new certified nursing assistant.
  • Your communication skills as a certified nursing assistant will be of great importance.  While you need to clearly be able to both verbally communicate with your co-workers (doctors, nurses, other CNA), you need to be especially verse in patient communication.  You will not communicate with other health care professionals in the same way using the same terms as you would with patients.   An example of this would be like a certified nursing assistant preparing a patient for a needle induced vaccine.  You would be careful to avoid words that might instill fear in a patient, such as “shot”.
  • The intellectual skills of a certified nursing assistant need to be keen to be perform their duties well.  You will be required to retain plenty of information, as your CNA Training program will indicate.  You will need to be able to comprehend verbal and written instructions from doctors and nurses.  Language skills can be a huge benefit, such as being bilingual.
  • Your physical skills or perhaps physical strength needs to be on par.  As a certified nursing assistant, your job can at times be physically demanding.  You will be on your feet for sometimes long periods of time and around sick patients.  You will need to be able to take proper care of yourself to ensure you avoid illness.  Because of demand, many certified nursing assistants find that they work hours of overtime, even up to 32 hours straight.  Your physique can play a large part in you being able to stay healthy in your job.  Do not neglect your health because of the health of others.

These are just some of the skills that are required of well-rounded nurse assistants.  As you finish your course and gain experience in the work field, you will no doubt hone in on your skills and become a more refined CNA.

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