CNA Career in A Bad Economy

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CNA Career in Today’s Economy

One of the most common questions asked about any particular job change in today’s ailing economy is, “How is the job outlook?” or “Is it easy to find work?”  This no doubt is a concern for anyone, not just those looking to become a certified nursing assistant.

Depending on your preference to research, your best bet is to job hunt for the career that you want to pursue, before you commit to becoming a professional in that field.  I did just this in order to give you the most up to date information on what exactly is out there.  CNA Career Job Hunting

While compensation will differ from employer, to location, etc…  A quick search imparts a list of eager employers looking for help.  I did a search for the bay area, in California and have found many positions that are willing to offer benefits, competitive salary, and provide a place to live.

One particular ad that turned up was for a Live-in CNA.  Now this may be the ultimate CNA Career for some, because you will have benefits, salary, and the ability to live rent free.  Keep in mind, while something like this might be a great opportunity, (think of the money you could save) just remember that you will be bringing your work home with you.  You’re only truly “free” time would be away from your home/job.  That may be a reason for some to avoid a position like this.

Another listing advertises for a CNA career, not live-in, but rather hourly.  This position has advantages like the first listing I choose to examine.  This employer offers competitive WEEKLY pay, medical/dental benefits, and on-going company sponsored training.  One unique benefit that catches my attention in most of the job listings for a CNA career is the ability to have work shifts at almost any time during the day.  You can work late night shifts, or early morning shifts, and a lot of listings offer 12 hours shifts too.

I think that while we are on the topic of CNA careers and what jobs are currently out there, it’s probably a good idea to discuss some of the requirements that these listings demand.  The first requirement that seems to ring true for a lot of the job listings, is experience.  Not many demand a TON of experience, but most do require 1 year.

I have come across employers that simply require the CNA certification, and some that except those without the certification but with many years’ experience to compensate for it.   The next must have for any of these positions is proof of a TB test.  Most all of them want to see the results of a TB test, which you have taken within a year.  Most of the requirements beyond this are just bonuses, not demanded.  Things such as a valid driver’s license and the ability to speak another language are not a requirement, but they will definitely aid in getting you a solid position with better pay.

In summary, the overall feeling of the postings is good, let alone the statistics that report a good forecast for the CNA career.  Most of the employers seem to be eager to fill the positions, and there seemed to be plenty of listings to apply to.  A career as a CNA should prove to be a great option if you want the ability to choose from a variety of working conditions.  You have the option of working hourly, live-in, or per Diem.   You can work part-time, between numerous locations too, which is a great benefit for those that like a change.  Even in a bad job market as ours, a CNA career seems to be a good choice.

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