CNA Testing Preperation Tips

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These tips will help you after you have completed your CNA Training and required number of clinical hours.  Your final CNA exam will award you with the certification required to work as a nursing assistant in a variety of different environments, but only for the state you completed your training and testing.  After completing your CNA Training, you should be ready to take your CNA testing, but just in case, let’s cover some CNA Testingthings that you should know about it.

Your CNA testing most definitely will not be free.  On most occasions, your written and oral skills evaluation will be taken on the same day, although you can pay to do them separately.  If you need to do them at different times, the price will almost always be higher.  You should find out if your particular testing location accepts personal checks.  Some locations only accept money orders, cashiers checks, or cash. Some accept credit card.  You will find that they vary.

If you happen to fail your testing, whether its the oral or written evaluation, be prepared to pay for the retake examination.  I have not heard of any location that will offer free CNA retake exams (although I may stand proven wrong). With fee’s in mind, beware that if you do not show up for your scheduled CNA testing, your deposit/payment won’t be refunded.

Do not be late for your CNA testing.  Most testing facilities will not accept you walking in after the testing has started.  It creates a disturbance for those that are testing, and it will raise suspicious among the instructors.  If you show up late for your CNA testing, you will be considered a no show.  Strive to be there 15 minutes early dressed in the required uniform/outfit that has been designated.

Instructors strictly forbid the use of electronic devices during testing, for obvious reasons.  In addition, it’s probably best to leave grandma at home since visitors are not welcome either.  You DO need to bring your valid STATE ISSUED identification.  No other form of identification even though it may have your picture, will be valid. (Work issued ID’s are not excepted)

As far as the tests being graded, they are typically graded on site.  All of the CNA testing participants usually receive their results within the same day.  If you receive an unsatisfactory grade, your instructor should tell you the next available time that you can retake the examination.  With some more studying and perhaps practice, you should be on your way to success by finishing your final step of CNA testing.

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