What’s on the CNA Exam

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When you are nearing the conclusion of your CNA Training, you will find yourself faced with the task of completing a CNA Exam.  This exam is an accumulation of both classroom acquired knowledge and clinical abilities.  This means that the actual test is broken into two parts.  The first part is a written understanding, typically made up of multiple choice questions.  Remember the things that you have been taught in the classroom, but do not forget your common sense at home.  With common sense, even if you are unsure, you can still make a good educated guess.

The second is a clinical test.  For the second part of the test, you will be graded upon how you follow proper hygienic and safety protocol when completing routine duties.  A good recommendation is to follow a set method.  By performing using repetition, you will find it Written test for the cna training examinationeasier to remember procedures.

You can find various CNA Training Exam study question books at the library and even some online, if you feel the need to brush up on your skills before you take the test.  Remember too that it helps to form study groups because if you can explain something to someone else, it means that you demonstrate mastery on that subject.  If you begin to doubt yourself before the test, just remember that you made it to the completion of the course, and if you weren’t prepared for the test, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

Just a few tips to help improve your CNA Exam score:

  • Relax.  Don’t forget to breath
  • Skip any answers you don’t immediately know and do everything you’re sure of first
  • Answer every question.  Taking a complete guess is better than leaving a question blank
  • Ensure to get proper sleep not just the night before, but the days preceding the test
  • Eat well a well-balanced diet, and don’t skip breakfast
  • Study over a broader period of time as opposed to cramming last minute

With these tips under your belt, and perhaps a bit of preparation by reviewing some materials, you should be set for scoring well on your CNA Training exam.  Once you pass your exam, your certification is usually mailed to you within three weeks or so.  Remember that the exam is not meant to frighten you, just ensure you can demonstrate the proper abilities before working with real patients.  It’s just a matter of time for you to reach your success as a Certified Nursing Assistant!

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