Why Become A CNA?

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Certified Nurse Assistant is currently a very popular career choice among those entering the medical field.  Certified Nursing Assistants have numerous advantages over other possible career options and for good reason.  Let us examine a few of the top reasons one might take CNA Training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The one common reason that CNA’s have a appealing job is that the required time of training is minimal.  Most prospective students can enroll in their CNA Training course, pass their certification exam, and begin working in a matter of weeks.  Spending years in school is not an option for many people.  Therefore, a career that offers a quick means to advance is a huge perk.  In addition to relatively fast training, this brings us to the next point.

Job security is very important to people in current days, especially with the way the economy is.  CNA’s have many employment options afforded to them, in almost every location you can think of.  This means that as a CNA, you can find work in any location that people live.  After all, people will always need medical care.  In addition, medical jobs are usually the last to go in a faltering economy.  People can only go so long without medical attention, especially if it’s an emergency.  Also, Certified Nursing Assistants are almost always in demand.  This is due to a growing number of elderly that are living longer.

Another attractive aspect of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the solid salary a CNA makes.  While the salary varies depending on things such as experience, location, and job duties, it is always better than minimum wage.  This makes it a great option if one doesn’t have any formal training or degrees to fall back on.  It provides a relatively quick safety net keeping your base salary higher than minimum.  This is very important for those that have responsibilities such as a family or debt to pay off.

Another reason that some decide to become a CNA is the availability of financial aide.  There are a variety of ways to have your training paid for completely or a great majority of it.  This might be an idea situation for someone who doesn’t want any loans or debt.  When looking for help with financing your course, don’t forget to consider your local community college, your local medical facilities, and other private course financial aid departments.  They all can help work with you and present all options available.

The last reason that many people opt for a job as a Certified Nursing Assistant is the ability to make changes.  It is a great entry level position into the medical field that allows you great contact with people you will surely impact on a daily basis.  Some people thrive for this type of work because it has a very self-fulfilling effect.

Only you can decide if becoming a CNA is right for you.  After considering some of the reasons people decide to choose this career path, perhaps you can compare them with your own personal reason for considering this career.

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4 Responses to Why Become A CNA?

  1. joan says:

    I would like to get my cna back

  2. Tanya Bourbonniere says:

    I m looking for a nursing or hospital that is doing cna training in their facility i would love to taking classes there

  3. Ericka ellout says:

    I already have job as a aide but am looking for certifcation and more training in certain areas. I m
    Am in private duty. I need this done like. Asap. Thanks eurgently

  4. coryna rodriguez says:

    Hi my name is Coryna and I am renewing my CNA License and I had no luck finding a job. I ended up not working for what I went to school for and wasted my years away but I really want to get back into it. I sent in my application for renewing my License and would like to know where I can get experience at which would later lead to me finding a job. Hope to hear from you guys soon thank you.

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