Finding a CNA Job With No Experience

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So you finished your CNA Training and haven’t been able to land that CNA job because you lack the required experience.  A lot of new students find themselves in this frustrating situation.  They commonly say, “If no one will hire me, how am I supposed to get the required experience in the first place?”.  Well, this is good news for some, and perhaps bad news for others.  Let me explain further(and hopefully help you land your first job!).

The job market has changed drastically since the 1950′s and 60′s.  People do not find jobs CNA Jobthe same way they used to.  Job hunting used to be as simple as scouring the most recent local newspapers and applying for the positions that you qualified for.  Today, very few jobs are actually posted in printed form.  Because of this, you need to know that internet job listings are the new age.  With this said though, they are not a “go-to” for all employment solutions.  Since the internet is viewable by not only people in your city but by others around the world, think of how much more competition there are for the jobs that are listed on the internet.  I am not saying that you won’t ever get a job by applying online, but perhaps you can understand why your CNA job hunting hasn’t been going so well.

So now this is where it boils down to actually landing the CNA job.  You cannot simply apply to jobs and give up when you cannot get anything.  You have to get creative.  Networking is an extremely powerful way to get a job in ANY field.  For some, this is a natural skill.  For others, it must be crafted.  Nevertheless, if you had any wits about you, you would be working on creating a network of contacts that will allow you insider information and opportunities that others would never have access to.  Since networking is not an overnight solution to job hunting we can move on to a more practical tactic that will help those that failed to network.

Getting your foot in the medical field door.  Whether your ideal CNA job is at a hospital or nursing home, you should be looking to volunteer, or work in a medical setting.  Even if you find a job that is only entry level, and not directly relating to your CNA training, it would be wise to take it on the basis that you will then have the ability to network with others at the location.  Certain requirements such as 1+ more years of experience are usually waived if you are already working for the facility.  As an added bonus, you as a volunteer or employee will know first hand of any job openings.  If you show your strong work ethic, you can make yourself the next in line for the position.

The bottom line of this article is to remind you that in a tough economy, you have to take more action to score that CNA job.  If you can be more proactive and creative, you will then separate yourself from the majority of applicants.  You will find too, that your lack of experience will not matter as much.

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    I am very devoted to help people.

    E mail me to tell me how you want to help me.

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