How Long Is CNA Training?

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One of the most common questions regarding any career move is, how long until I am able to begin working?  The length of your training depends on the particular program that you enroll in.  There are standards to what the minimum length of the course should be though.  Each state provides these minimums, but every state does require a test in order to CNA Training Lengthbecome certified.

The length of your CNA Training can range from 4-6 weeks depending on if you are attending class full time.  This is a great option for those that have open availability and want to knock out the training quickly and begin working as soon as possible.  While this option is great for those that have availability that allows them to attend class full time, it won’t be fitting for everyone.  For this reason, there are some other options if you want to pursue becoming a CNA.

If you don’t have the time to attend class full time, don’t worry.  A lot of community colleges and CNA Training courses offer full semester length training.  This will allow you to complete your classes with only 2 days of your week being required.  If you need to work, or have other obligations that prevent you from studying full time, this is a great way to complete your training.  The CNA training course like this will be about 4 months.

Another great thing to keep in mind is that most CNA courses offer flexibility with time of day.  They usually offer classes for both the morning and the evening.  This is invaluable to those that need to work part or full time while attending.  While this is a great benefit there is something you should keep in mind whether you are doing the full time classes or part time…

Be careful not to bite off more than you can handle.  It would be a terrible situation to find yourself in, if you shelled out money for your CNA Training, and you are not able to keep up with the course load.  Keep in mind that you will not only be learning classroom material, but you will be doing clinical work too.  This is important because your certification testing will require that you complete a multiple choice exam, and a clinical/practical exam.  Be wise, know yourself, and try to handle your load appropriately.  Don’t let yourself waste money, time, and energy by setting yourself up for failure.

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