How Can You Be Sure It’s A Legitimate CNA Program?

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I stumbled upon a news article the other day that made me want to write an article to offer what I guess is a warning.  The news article that I am referencing was about a particular Beware of cna program scamsCNA training program that was offered to students.  They were able to defer class fees until after they finished their three week training program.  In addition, they were supposed to pay the school back after they received payment from their first job.

The news article says that the names and grades were not forwarded to the state preventing the students from getting certified.  This is particularly alarming to me because while it’s many peoples dream to receive education and advance in their career, it’s disheartening to know that there are people that want to scam you out of your time and money.

What happened exactly is hard to say because of certain bias, but it emphasizes the fact that you need to be especially careful when you choose your training program.  I think it’s a great opportunity to take the time and discuss a few ways that you can ensure your training program is one that you can trust.

When choosing a CNA program, your best bet is to find it through a local community college.  The odds of it being a scam are slim to none if it’s offered by your public school system.  Even so, its helpful by doing a little bit of research.  Things such as Google, or yelp can help you find reviews and make a better choice about whether the school is quality.

If the school is not offered from your local community college, be especially sure to do your research on it, and read all fine print.  It’s important that you know what fee’s you are going to incur as a student too.  You might be surprised how much information you can pull up by doing a Google search for “CNA training” and then the name of the program after it.  Aside from doing internet research, visit the locality and try to get a feel for it.  Your instincts are usually right, so if it doesn’t feel legit in anyway, you are best to find another program.

Bear in mind too, if you speak to the director of the program and they seem pushy or sales-driven in any way, don’t succumb to the pressure.  It might be the case that they are paid by how many signups they get and this would be an indicator that the program is not quality and/or is not legitimate.

I don’t mean to make it sound like a terrible task, trying to locate a good CNA program, nor do I mean to scare you away from getting training.  The prospect of being scammed is not a HUGE risk, but nonetheless, it is still a risk you should be aware of.  If this article helps just 1 person avoid a scam, it will be well worth the effort I put it to write it.  I hope that all of you can find a great program and enjoy what you will be doing!

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