Typical Day For A Certified Nursing Assistant

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The Certified Nursing Assistant carries many responsibilities, both in hospitals and nursing homes.  While doctors and nurses do see the patients, the certified nursing assistant will be in more presence than either of them.  For this reason, the certified nursing assistant gets to provide direct care, and intermediate communications between the patient and doctor.

During a typical day, the CNA will begin the day by assisting patients with dressing if it’s required.  They will also assist them with other tasks, such as help team of certified nursing assistantspatients use the restroom if needed, move patients from their bed to wheel chair, and feed patients breakfast.  They will also take and record vitals during this time.

As the afternoon approaches, certified nursing assistants commonly help transfer patients from appointments, feed lunch to the patients, and make their beds.  Some patients will need to have their vitals recorded again during this time.  Certified nursing assistants will monitor patients during the day with a keen eye to report back to the nurse or doctor.

During the evening, CNA’s are often required to assist patients with their supper meal.  They will help settle patients back into their proper room for the night.  Vitals may be taken yet again at this time.  Bathing the patient may also be necessary at night, depending on the patient.  Often times, the certified nursing assistant will ensure that all logs are filled out, describing what was done for the patient.  The logs that you will fill out for the duties you completed will either be electronically recorded, or recorded on paper.  It all depends on the particular place you are working.  You will also report to the nurses come the end of the day.

Your CNA Training program will have taught you the necessary skills and proper ergonomics to handle each and every situation you will be expected to handle as a certified nursing assistant.  You should not feel overwhelmed if you have yet to take your CNA Training program because it does in fact provide the training that truthfully gives you confidence.  Also, as your program will point out, your role as a certified nursing assistant is to be there for the patients.  The pay for this position is good, but it is not a position that you can enjoy and do well, if you don’t like to genuinely help people.

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