Useful Tips on CNA Books

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When it comes to test preparation, nothing will help you more than your CNA books.  Perhaps you are one of those learning types that can recall lectures back to mind with incredible accuracy. If that is the case, great! If not, do not be disheartened, you are just like the majority of everyone else.

Your CNA books will provide you with information on each subject that is pertinent to your Certified Nursing Assistant job, and the information you’re required to know by law.  Especially useful, your CNA books will be your best friend when you are reviewing before your licensing exam.

Not all CNA books are of the same quality though, and this is something that should be considered when CNA books in a librarybuying your CNA books.

I think one of the more helpful components of a good CNA book is pictures.  While reading this, you may think, “that sounds so elementary”, and it perhaps is, to an extent.  It genuinely helps me to remember what I am reading.  It also helps commit procedures to memory such as how to move patients properly.  A well diagrammed picture that corresponds with instructions will get you a long way (remember, a picture is worth a thousand words).

While having pictures in your CNA book are a must have, it almost goes without saying that practice tests are also imperative.  Practice tests have a few different advantages, so buying a Certified Nursing Assistant book with some practice tests included is important.

The first major advantage of having practice tests is that they are usually based off of the real questions that will be on your license exam.  This is going to familiarize you with the type of question they will ask, and what kind of details they expect.

The second major advantage of these practice tests, is that they ease the pressure of “taking a test” helping you to be more comfortable, relaxed, and perform better under stress.  Just think about it, if you took a CNA training exam for the first time, you will be feeling different  than if you had already taken that test 5 times.  You will naturally be more comfortable and less fearful of the unknown.

For the final aspect of consideration, I was going to mention that you should look for CNA training books that use easy to use wording; ones that avoid vague or poorly descriptive explanations, but this is something that is more difficult to avoid BEFORE purchasing the book.  In that case, the best observation that I have made in place of this suggestion is to buy current books.

Yes, you can save a lot of money by purchasing the CNA book that is a few additions old, but remember that laws and regulations change.  You definitely do not want to be memorizing procedures or laws that are outdated.  These types of questions have a way of presenting themselves on tests so it is definitely a good idea to purchase the most recent edition.  Besides, if you keep your CNA books in pristine condition, you can sell your book to another student or on amazon and make most of your money back.

With all of this in mind, good luck on your CNA studies, and use your CNA book wisely!

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