What Does A CNA Do?

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A CNA, short for Certified Nursing Assistant, is essentially an assistant to a nurse.  While your job duties may vary from hospital to assisted living some of the functions are generally the same. If you are curious what does a CNA do exactly, continue on.  This type of information is exactly what you will be looking for if you are considering this for a career.What does a CNA do?

Let’s cover some of the functions that you might be expected to do while working in both a hospital and assisted living scenario.

In a hospital a CNA will usually start their day by receiving the report from the previous shift on patients.  They then will check vitals and accu-checks for patients.  After completing this, they will then move on to assisting patients with “comforts”.  They will change briefs as needed, reposition patients, assist to commode…etc, until dinner arrives.  Afterward they will record input and trays.  At this point, they will be done with direct care, and it will be on an “as needed” basis.

Of course there is always admits, discharges, helping other aides with care, transporting various specimens, and responding to call lights that pop on.  If you are afforded any “down” time, there is always something to do, such as restocking the round carts and nurses stations in each room.  You can also spend some time with patients that need complete care.  These patients usually have dementia or cannot feed themselves.  This type of care drives home the greatest importance of the work CNA’s do; genuinely assisting the needy.

What CNA’s do in a hospital will be slightly different from what they do in assisted living.  For instance, while a CNA will still have the same starting tasks such as grabbing the report from the previous CNA and checking residents, I find that more direct attention is given to the assisted living patients.  Typically, the CNA will do rounds every one-two hours to ensure that the patients are dry, safe, positioned comfortably, and help assist those with toilet that need it.  These are things that you would do in a hospital setting too, but there are constant check-ups on the assisted living patients.

You also gather patients in the morning, trying to help them get ready for breakfast in the dining room.  The last bit of your schedule will be the slowest as you tend to have down time, something that hospital CNA’s don’t have too much of.

These are just some of the tasks that you will be performing as a CNA.  From my personal experience, I found that if you like your day to move by quickly, keeping busy, this might be the job for you.  The hospital work might move a little bit quicker, but the one nice advantage of the assisted living position is that it allows you to become more familiar with your patients, perhaps being more personable.

Regardless, both are excellent position to consider if you are looking for a decent salary or a foot into the medical profession.  All you need is a little CNA Training!  Perhaps you now have a better understanding of what a CNA does!

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  1. Raven Davis says:

    I was trying to inquire where can i take the CNA classes for a resonable price I am curently trying to get my feet on solid ground and i figure since i like the health care field that this would be a start.

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